Pastors are called Teaching Elders in the Presbyterian church.  

Elders ordained from the congregation are called Ruling Elders.  They are ordained as such and hold that title and leadership responsibility for life.  Ruling Elders currently serving on the Session are known as Active Ruling Elders.

Upon first election by the congregation as an elder, the electee is ordained as a Ruling Elder, and then installed into a class on Session.  In this church, the elders in a class serve for 2-year terms, although an elder may be installed to complete the term of an elder departing service prematurely.


Ruling elders provide overall direction and care for the spiritual and practical direction of the church. They may have specific oversight of an area of ministry within the church, but any elder may be consulted regarding any matter of church governance.

Scriptural authority

Some scriptures pertinent to the role and selection of elders:

Session Elders

Gay Hutter

Sandi Cole

Leticia Ray

Shirley Stein

Gladyss Dombrowski

Cathy Baust

Shirley Hansen

Mike Pellegrini