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Adore Ministry 2

The Adore Ministry provides the church with opportunities to use their talents and passions to worship God is the mission of the Adore team.

Planning and helping to lead the weekly worship services is only just a part of this, but there is so much more. Adore provides instruction on worship, prayer and praise and helps create a worshipful atmosphere within the church, especially during seasonal celebrations such as Easter and Christmas.

Care Ministry 3

The Care Team helps connect the church body with opportunities to share God's love.

People within the church, as well as Woodbury's neighbors, experience the love of Christ as their needs are met with kindness and caring.

Teach Ministry 5

Growing disciples who know Jesus and learning about God's love, is what the Teach ministry seeks to promote.

Whether a small child in a Sunday School class, a college student wanting to know more, or an adult taking an ACTION Academy course, Woodbury has many opportunities for members and others to learn more about God, and to teach others about being a disciple of Jesus.

Involve Ministry 3

Being involved in a fellowship of Christ's love is just a part of the mission of the Involve Team.

By planning events, such as dinners, and coordinating small groups, this team provides connection points and encourages Woodbury members and visitors to gather together in love.

Offer New Life 1

The Offer New Life Team really does what its name implies – members really do offer a new life in Jesus Christ to others through activities such as supporting missionaries and missions trips (both locally and internationally), teaching evangelism, and helping to welcome guests.

Steward 3

One of the church's most vital teams is that of the Stewardship Team.

Members of this team work tirelessly to support the other ACTION ministry teams in their efforts, and are responsible for the business functions and other operations of the church.

So, from helping maintain the buildings and grounds, to making sure the bills are paid, this team makes certain that Woodbury is indeed God's Love in ACTION.