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Personal study 2

Jesus' followers in the New Testament (Talmidim in Hebrew) submitted and committed themselves to closely following Him, imitating Him and learning from Him in all possible ways.  They came to Jesus already being well-studied in the Hebrew scriptures (what we know as the Old Testament in our Bible).  They left their homes and families to be with Jesus.

In like manner today, Jesus calls us to be his disciples, submitting to his discipline.  

This includes careful study of the scriptures, which contain the Word of God.

It also includes living like Him as much as possible, following Jesus in trusting God with our lives, loving others, being generous to others

Academy 2

Woodbury offers these courses:

- Explorers' Course - for people seeking to know Jesus and are interested in becoming members of the church

- Dunamis series

  • Dunamis 1
  • Dunamis 2
  • Dunamis 3
  • Dunamis 4
  • Dunamis 5
  • Dunamis 6

Study Groups 1

Another key for growing in the Lord is in fellowship with small groups


We have several groups

  • Thursday with Pellegrinis
  • Thursday morning with Betty Little

Sunday Adult for beginners