How can we possibly believe in the actual resurrection of Christ? How do we know it even happened at all? The implications, either way, are earth shattering.

If Christ’s resurrection is not an absolute, space-time fact, if Christ is still dead in a grave somewhere, then the whole Christian faith is nonsense. If Jesus got up out of the grave (and he did), it means that everything he said is true, the teaching he gave is practical, and the life he lived and lives can make your life different. And if the dead man—Jesus—got up and walked away from death, you can too.

The whole superstructure of the Christian faith is built upon the evidences for the resurrection. I want to give you a series of six questions whose answers lead to only one empty tomb.


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By Steve Brown



Is the Bible reliable?

A collection of some 66 books written by 40 different authors over about 1500 years, the Bible has no peer today in terms of authenticated documents from ancient times.  It contains within it history, biography, poetry, wise sayings, counsel and, yes, prophecy.  But prophecy that isn't just telling about future events (some of which have already happened, and some of which are still in our future), but even more prophecy is God's word of encouragement to the believer in each age.  So what is its relevance to us today?

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