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I was once the in-your-face obnoxious evangelist, but I’ve grown in skill and grace.

I would talk with everyone whether they wanted to hear me or not, but I now have more fruitful evangelistic conversationsthat help seekers move closer to Christ.

I’ve lost the fear that stops me from talking about my faith.

You’ll often find me spending time with people who don’t attend church and talking about my relationship with Jesus.

You can too.

As an evangelist, I want to help seekers and believers connect with a local church so they may grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yet many churches are not welcoming.

Many don’t seem to care about their visitor.

A church can always improve it’s welcome experience to help newcomers learn about Jesus and find a place to serve.

Your church can too.

I’m Chris Walker, the writer behind EvangelismCoach.org.  I’ve studied evangelism and church growth ever since answering phones for a televised Billy Graham crusade over 20 years ago, and have led countless training seminars throughout the Americas in many different denominations.

Denominations vary from independent, Presbyterian, Christian Reformed, Church of God, Foursquare, Evangelical Covenant, Greek Orthodox, Salvation Army, Church of God General Conference, United Methodist, along with other flavors of Pentecostal and Charismatic independent churches.

My experience as a first time church visitor in all these different contexts helps me bring you fresh ideas on how you can welcome church visitors into your midst.   My conversational experiences with people from all different places in their journey to faith always brings me fresh insight to help you.

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