Prayer Requests 8/13/17

Pray for Missionaries:

  • Frank and Sallie Kinney in New Hampshire;
  • Ken and Lynn Chapman, Briana and Sophia in Uganda;
  • Larry and Barbara Moir in Ethiopia;
  • Elias Figeueron starting a church in Tepoztlan, Mexico and
  • Those serving in the Far East.

Debbie: Praise the Lord! God is awesome! Pray for the teachers and students.  Thank You.  Amen.

Anita Richard: Pray requests for my blood pressure, law suit/accident/settlement, Brittany, Vivian and Anita’s work.

Leticia Ray: I thank the Lord for answered prayers and enlightenment.  The kids are returning to school and I’m still in school, evenings until the end of Sept.  It will be challenging; please pray for strength, peace and perseverance.  Please pray for God’s blessings to be showered upon us and the power to enable me to secure being able to drive.

Hannah: Thanks to God for all of His blessings.  Thanks to God for His guidance, love, protection, abundance and prosperity for me and my children, Ray Ray, Ahmed, Kayla, Cameron and the rest of my family.  Please continue to keep my children and grandchildren safe.  Please bless Miss Ruby and Miss Jennifer; heal them.  Pray for Nieka in Colorado having back surgery 8/14/17.

Patti Meyers-James: Prayers for my mom and daughter to find peace with each other.

Ruth Corbin: Prayers for my Florida family and me also as the school year starts.

Courtney: Thank You, Lord for all Your love and blessings for me and my family. Thank You, Lord.  Pray for John Carr.