Prayer Requests 12/3/2017

Pray for Missionaries:

  • Frank and Sallie Kinney in New Hampshire;
  • Ken and Lynn Chapman, Briana and Sophia in Uganda;
  • Larry and Barbara Moir in Ethiopia;
  • Elias Figeueron starting a church in Tepoztlan, Mexico and
  • Those serving in the Far East.

Pat Pinder: Healing prayers for Rod and my brother Rick.

Debbie W.: Praise the Lord! God is Great! I love you! Thank you! Amen. Also healing for Candy- Bronchitis? Amen.

Betty & Joe Little: Continued prayers for health to be restored to Joseph Farley and Gwenn Pjeuach.

Ruth Corbin: The church is radiant in its Christmas glory! Prayers for my Florida family.

Hannah Valley: Thanks to God for all of His blessings, those already manifested and those to come. For keeping my granddaughter Kayla safe in the Phillipines; and the Lord has blessed my family to stay healthy and well. Please pray for Titus, Pip, Ray Ray's family, Ahmed, and my family in Colorado. Thanks for your faithfulness in taking my prayers to God. Love your sister- in -Christ Hannah.

Leticia Ray: Prayers for strength and continued guidance. Thank you Lord for blessing my family.