Questions that might be asked about separation:

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Why should Woodbury separate from the PC(USA)?

Our vision is that the Lord Jesus has called us to discipleship as a necessary part of our walk with Him.  Discipleship means to live and walk as much like Jesus as we can, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Discipleship is counter-cultural, as true for us today as it was for Jesus 2000 years ago.  God has called us to be holy, separated to him in our manner of living even while yet living in this world.

Our denomination, rich in heritage and beloved, has chosen some unwise courses of action:

  1. Our denomination is accepting and ordaining as leaders and pastors men and women who do not believe that Jesus is the only way of salvation.

  2. Our denomination has said that we now listen to a variety of voices regarding the interpretation of scripture, so we cannot know with certainty what God’s Word really means.

  3. Practices embraced by our society that are called immoral, corrupt or even abominations in the Scriptures are now embraced and celebrated by some leaders in the PCUSA.  Decisions by the General Assembly and the GA Permanent Judicial Commission (PCUSA's "supreme court") expect us to accept leadership that embraces these practices.  This causes confusion and even violation of conscience as we encounter conflict between accepting such behavior as "OK" by God when we read to the contrary in scripture.  We are thus hindered in our desire to walk uprightly with God and encouraging others toward healthy, righteous living as God has shown and taught us.

These and other developments have the effect of weakening the clarion call of the Church for this world to repent of its way of sin, to receive the cleansing and healing that only God through Jesus can provide.  It has caused much hurt to our brethren in other countries as they seek to minister to the deep wounds caused by sexual and other immoral behavior.

How can we provide a house for healing people wounded by the sins of society if we accept the godless behavior of society as normal?  How can we bear witness to the transcendent glory of Christ if we mostly look like the corrupt society that we live within?


Why separate now?

We have watched with growing concern various developments and practices within the PC(USA) over a number of years.  Following the 2010 General Assembly, at which several significant changes were made, with respect to removing the requirement for sexual purity for ordained members, among others, the session established a Denomination Relations Committee (DRC) to monitor continuing developments within the PCUSA as well as considering alternative denominational "homes" should we determine we needed to separate.  Following the 2012 General Assembly, we again discussed within Session our increased concern.  As a session, we met with Central Florida Presbytery's Executive Presbyter Dr Dan Williams, and Rev Ferdi Britts who came to present arguments in favor of staying within PCUSA.  For various reasons the DRC decided it best to wait until early 2013 before bringing the matter to Session for a formal vote.

Along the way we continued to ask the Lord whether this was his direction for us, and whether it was time.  For over a year he told us to wait.  We believe that he now wants us to move forward.