Dear Church Family,
    It looks like I’m going to miss all the fun! I’m having a great time directing the “Listening Evangelism” Dunamis course here in North Carolina this week. Chris Walker is able to go into more depth with many of the teachings he shared at the “Igniting Evangelism” event at Woodbury. I’m loving it and learning. However, there is a lot going on at home that I won’t get to enjoy. But that doesn’t mean YOU don’t get to take advantage of some great opportunity.
Covered Dish April 26
Building the Future of God’s Kingdom
Explorers’ Course
Covered Dish April 26
   Last week I mentioned that we will start having a covered dish dinner after worshiponce a month. Yum! This Sunday is our covered dish for April. We’re not doing anything fancy, just good food and fellowship. So bring something tasty to eat or drink – enough to share – and stay around after worship to enjoy getting to know your brothers and sisters on a deeper level. Don’t worry about saving any for me. I’ll get my share next month
Building the Future of God’s Kingdom
   One of the wonderful gifts we've enjoyed at Woodbury is helping future pastors prepare for ministry. At least 4 fine people who worked with us while they were in seminary are serving as pastors today! You have helped strengthen the whole Church of Jesus Christ by helping these young people get exercise their gifts.
     We've been praying for the joy and fun of having some seminary students among us again. This Sunday we get to taste that joy again. Our guest preacher will be Mr. Rich Castro, a graduating senior at Reformed Theological Seminary. You’ll learn more about Rich and his family on Sunday morning. I’m writing to encourage you to come and encourage Rich as he brings the Word to Woodbury. By praying for Rich and coming to worship this Sunday, and by your vibrant participation, you have an incredible opportunity to impact the future of the Church. And since Rich is an Englishman, you’ll even be making an impact on the Church overseas.
Explorers’ Course
    The first session of the Explorers’ Course went great last Monday night. I will be back in time to teach the second session Monday night. If you or someone you know wants to take the course but had to miss last week, tell them they are welcome to come Monday, April 27. There are already some folks doing that. We will schedule a time to make up the first session for all who are interested and ready.
(Would an elder or someone please be sure this is announced in Worship on Sunday?)
Thank you for you prayers. You are in mine. I will see you next week!
In Christ’s Love,

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An Atheist Helps Me Understand Why I Believe

Wednesday is for Prayer

I’m in a conversation with an atheist over on Twitter. He is asking me for a proof that God exists. “Give me your best proof,” he says.

I told him I don’t believe because of “a” proof. I believe because of a compounding of various proofs and evidence and ultimately because of the evidence for the resurrection.

Still, he presses. So I give him one proof that I have found as a compelling reason for faith in God—the Kalam cosmological argument on the nature of time having to have a beginning. It is an ancient Arab argument that I don’t need to go into now. Then he asks this question:

“If I can show you that your best argument (Kalam) is poor, would that cause some reflection?”Read more on this webpage

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