May the Lord Be with You

Our mission at Woodbury is to proclaim the gospel, make disciples, and serve Orlando with the love of Jesus.

We are a multiethnic congregation, reformed in theology, and blended in worship style.

We recognize that everyone is on a spiritual journey and believe that you’re just one step away from a fresh experience of God’s love and mercy. We foster an atmosphere where you can take that next step: by speaking blessing, promoting grace, and rooting ourselves in the Scriptures.

Come worship with us on Sunday mornings at 9:00am at 1501 Woodbury Road, Orlando, FL 32828.

We have nursery available for ages birth through 3.

We are all about the gospel.

The gospel is the good news that Jesus, son of God, has made us right with God. It has nothing to do with our religious performance, and everything to do with God's grace. He fulfills the purpose of time by establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth. Every week we let the gospel story transform our lives and empower us to be Jesus to Orlando, working to expand this Kingdom reality.

Our Values

Our values orient us toward what God calls us to be as a church. They are the guiding principles in how we 'do and be' church.

The gospel proclaims that we not only begin the Christian life with grace but also live the Christian life by grace.

We were built to be in relationships. The gospel brings us into right relationship with each other. We find unity through diversity in worship and fellowship.

There is power in speaking blessing and receiving blessing. The gospel announces us as blessed to be a blessing to others.

The gospel is presented to us in the Bible: one grand story that points to Jesus. We value the Bible as God's authoritative word for us.

The gospel empowers us to seek healing for the sick, advocacy for the vulnerable, and restoration for the oppressed.

We are here for a purpose. The gospel tells the story of a God who sends His people. We have been sent to 'be Jesus' to our city in creative and relevant ways.

"Empty religion doesn't work.

Grace does."

The experience of 'church' for many people was about trying your hardest to be good and earn a reward from an unforgiving god and feeling bad when you can't do the impossible.

But shame and guilt never lead to lasting change.

You can't hate yourself towards holiness.

Jesus came to set you free to live an abundant life. Come hear the gospel. Be healed. Be blessed.

Senior Pastor