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Your friends and neighbors at Woodbury Presbyterian Church (ECO) invite you to join us and experience "God's Love in ACTIONS." We are a congregation of friendly people just like you, who have discovered the power, peace and joy of God's love in Jesus Christ. Though we come from different walks of life, various parts of the world and several generations, God is forming an exciting Christian community among us. We would love for you to share our joy.

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Mission Statement

Worship Time


Guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Mission of Woodbury Presbyterian Church is to make growing disciples of Jesus who:

ADORE God through powerful, Spirit-filled worship

CARE for others through acts of compassionate service

TEACH believers how to become more faithful disciples of Jesus

INVOLVE people in a fellowship of Christ-like love

OFFER God’s gift of

NEW LIFE in Christ to our community and the world and are

STEWARDS with a passion


Sunday worship service:  10:00 am
  • Nursery available during worship


Prayer and Healing service:  Sundays at 5:00 pm

  • call if prayer for healing or other reason needed at another time
  • Healing Ministry as we understand God provides and as expressed through our church


Small group studies

  • Thursdays:
      • Two groups meet at 7pm at the Youth portable behind the main church building.

The Media Ministry, under the direction of the Adore Team, provides three major services to the ministry of the church at Woodbury:

Read more: Media Team


Your Friends and Neighbors at

Woodbury Presbyterian Church




Palm Sunday, March 25 10AM

Holy Communion


The King of Love


Maundy Thursday, March 29

Holy Communion Service at 7:00PM


A Command to Love?

 Good Friday, March 30

Tenebrae (Candlelight) Service at 7:00PM

This service will be a powerful commemoration

of the Lord’s death for us.


Sunday, April 1

Celebrate the gift of Eternal Life at our "Sonrise Serivce" at 7AM

(Bring a chair or blanket)

Or at our regular Communion services at

10:00 AM

Music by Heavenly Horns

Sermon: Fooled by Love






A Short Story

by Pastor Rod Pinder

As Gene reached across his desk to hang up the phone, he felt that ripping pain in his gut again. It was as if someone had taken a butcher knife and started scraping the inside of his stomach. Fumbling through his desk drawer, he muttered an expletive or two. The antacids were gone. "That's okay," he reassured himself. "I hate that chalky taste anyway."

"I wonder what causes those stupid pains," he asked himself. Maybe it was the scotch. He knew he needed to cut down a little. Perhaps it was those secrets he kept from Monica. But he really couldn't see the point in upsetting her. Besides, it would never happen again. This time he meant it. Or maybe it was his job — high stress, fast pace, the company couldn’t care less about him as a person. (Why else would they make him work on Christmas Eve?) And he really felt like some of the things they expected him to do were morally wrong. But what choice did he have? After all, the money was good, and he sure needed the money — especially at this time of year.

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Read more: A Christmas Miracle

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Our address is 

1501 Woodbury Road

Orlando, FL  32828

office:  (407) 282-5683

office hrs:  9am - 2pm Monday through Friday

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


From Orlando, take State Rd 408 (toll) east to the East Colonial Highway (SR 50) exit.

Take that exit and turn left onto East Colonial Highway.

At the next light turn left onto Woodbury Road.

Continue for about 1/2 mile south on Woodbury Rd.

The church is on the left side.


From Waterford, take Waterford Lakes Blvd, or Lake Underhill Rd, east to Woodbury Rd.

Turn left onto Woodbury Rd.  Drive north to 1501 Woodbury Rd (on your right).

Prayer Requests 6/16/19

Pray for Missionaries:

  • Ken and Lynn Chapman, Briana and Sophia in Uganda;
  • Larry and Barbara Moir in Ethiopia;
  • Elias Figeueron starting a church in Tepoztlan, Mexico and
  • Those serving in the Far East.

Pastor Rod Pinder: I'm only able to sleep two or three hours per night. Please pray for restored sleep. Psalm 127:2.

Bob Watkins: Please pray for Slyvia's foot, it was accidently ran over with a SUV as she was trying to get into the car. Nothing is broken, but she is having trouble walking. Pray for quick and complete healing. 

Courtney: Thank you Lord for all your love and blessings for me and my family. Thank you Lord God. Please pray for John Carr, Mrs. San Lucas, Bobby, Monica, Lisa, Maria, Austin, Cody, Marcus, Willie, Nya, Jose, Bryant and me.

Hannah: Thanks be to God for all His blessings. Thanks for Ahmed's new job and please pray that he will soon find a permanent place to live that he can afford. Thanks for my son Ray Ray who is also a father, for blessing him to be a good father.

Jennie Spencer: Please pray for healing for Sandy Bender.

Betty & Joe Little: Prayer for earthly healing of the body for Gwenn Pjevach. Marriage with God as the center for Wes and Catie Simpson.

Shirley Hansen: Pray that my nephew Robert, who was recently released from prison will readjust to normal life and not fall back into his bad habits. Pray that he finds a good job and Christian friends.