Our Sermons Are Expositional, Gospel-Proclaiming, and Christ-Centered:

Expositional preaching means that sermons express the actual meaning of a selected passage from Scripture. Good preaching is not just picking a topic to do an inspirational talk and using Scripture to help you. Since meaning depends on the context in which the text was written, the job of a preacher is to illuminate the world in which the Bible was written so the meaning of the passage becomes alive and accessible. Only then are the hearers able to apply the powerful word of God to their lives. Expositional preaching means that the Bible chooses the topic and structure of a sermon rather than bending to any other force.


Gospel-proclaiming preaching means that every sermon announces the good news of grace through Jesus Christ. We believe that many genres of writing, across many time periods, through many writers, have come together in the Holy Bible to tell one overarching story of good news of redemption through the Kingdom of God inaugurated by Jesus.


Christ-centered preaching means that Jesus is the ultimate and final answer to what it means to be in right relationship with God. To live righteously according to God's will is to know and follow Christ. All of Scripture points to Jesus which means every sermon features Christ as supreme and serves to enrich our relationship with Him.

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